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Olivia Holt Party Planning Tips!


"I’ve always had a thing for different eras so when the time came to decide what theme I wanted for my Sweet 16, I thought it’d be cool to go back to a different time period. The one that stuck out the most was Old Hollywood," Olivia Holt tells M.

"I think when any girl is deciding to put a theme to their party, they should choose what fits them best," she says. "If you love the beach, have a luau beach party. Dressing up? Have a costume party! Anything that makes you happy!"



Olivia met with Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes in LA weeks ahead of time to design the perfect cake for her big bash. You don’t have to meet with professionals, but coming up with a detailed vision for the party you want — from the decorations to the playlist — will make things a lot easier as the big day approaches.


"I love to dance, run around and have fun with my friends, and if I’m in a dress that isn’t quite doing me justice on that then it won’t be as fun for me," Olivia says. "And of course, feeling like a princess. That’s the best comfort!

The Party Secret

"As long as you’re happy and having the time of your life then everyone around you will get that feeling and have just as much fun!"

I Didn’t Do It Fake Flot

If A.N.T. Farm and I Didn’t Do It had a crossover, this is a plot that I would enjoy:

Jasmine and Lindy get lost in San Fran, where they run into Kennedy. Kennedy decides that having a “twin” could help her presidential career. Then something bad happens and they try to clear their names.

"The Twin PresidANTs Didn’t Do It"


@olivia_holt and her Mississippi friends for her Sweet 16!
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Olivia Holt Fashion Tumblr

Do you want to find exact matches/similarities of items that Olivia has worn? Then, check out my new tumblr!

You can request looks and I’ll try my hardest to find it! :)


Cici & Alyssa

Olivia and Bailey!

sleepover time! :) @olivia_holt 

@olivia_holt sleepover!
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#tbt to the @nylonmag #nylonyounghollywood party with two of my favorite people ever! @realoliviaholt @labenward

Olivia Holt Interview with Bop & Tigerbeat

BOP&TB: You just got started with PlayMG! Can you tell our readers a little bit about the device and what you think is the coolest feature?

Olivia Holt: PlayMG is a handled gaming device for kids who don’t have access tosmart phones. What’s pretty cool is each week my co-partner, Kyrie Irving, and I will be giving weekly app recommendations for the kids. So each week they’ll have a new app to play with.

BOP&TB: Does this device have all of the same popular games that kids play on their parent’s phones or are there exclusive PlayMG games?

Olivia Holt: It has all the same popular games kids play now. Including all social media platforms!

BOP&TB: What is your all-time favorite app game that is available for purchase through PlayMG?

Olivia Holt: I’m definitely a girl gamer, so I have all the fun games out there, but currently my all-time favorite is an app called Heads Up! It’s a fun game to app based play with your friends and family.

BOP&TB: If you could have anybody in the world as a co-star in an episode ofKickin’ It, who would you choose?

Olivia Holt: Without a doubt Reese Witherspoon. She’s my all-time favorite actress and I would love to work with her!

BOP&TB: How about your celebrity crush? Everyone has a celebrity that they’re just dying to meet. If you had the chance to meet anyone, who would be at the top of your list?

Olivia Holt: Currently, it’s Dave Franco (James Franco’s younger brother). He’s gorgeous and a great actor, too! Would love to meet him!

BOP&TB: Could you tell our readers your best secret on how to win their crush’s heart?

Olivia Holt: I know it’s the cheesiest thing in the world to say, but just be yourself around him. A guy loves a girl who can have fun and be silly with him.

BOP&TB: You always look so cute and fashionable! How would you describe your personal style?

Olivia Holt: Well, thank you! Haha, my style is very bohemian, my favorite day-to-day stores include Free People, Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. I’ve also been branching out recently trying new things that’ll take me out of my comfort shell and in the end, I end up loving it!